Polyurethane, Acrylic & Polyester


FK 70 Sealer (c70 catalyst)
Two component polyurethane sealer built to penetrate and flow into the pores of deep grained wood species without bridging. The FK 70 is a true work horse. Fast drying and easy sanding with exceptional transparency making it an excellent choice for use on any project that demands a finish with good clarity.

FK 50 White Primer
High solids, optimum filling capability, easy sanding and excellent hiding properties. Low VOC and Formaldehyde free. This  product is formulated to fill and build on MDF and other porous substrates. Available in white, black and a neutral base.

OK 865
Transparent two part interior polyurethane top coat with anti-yellowing catalyst. This product is formaldehyde free and low VOC (550 compliant). The OK 865 polyurethane has superior hardness, mark and scratch resistance. Formulated with UV blocking properties this high solids polyurethane coating is ideal for applications where a durable, smooth touch and chemical resistant finish is needed

OK 65 White
Two component non-yellowing white topcoat. This pigmented polyurethane finish boasts great coverage and hiding capabilities. With its high solids and low VOC content the OK 65 White produces a durable finish with superior hardness, chemical and scratch resistance.

SP 14 High Gloss
Direct high gloss polyurethane topcoat. Excellent clarity, high solids durable hard finish the SP 14 has all the qualities needed to make your full fill high gloss finish. Available in white and black finishes.

Polyacril 99
Fast drying two component water white acrylic topcoat. Polyacril 99 is available in transparent and white. 

FP 800 Sealer
High build, high solids polyester sealer. FP 800 is a must need sealer to fill the grain and build a proper foundation for a true high gloss finish.

FP 800 Primer
High build, high solids polyester white primer. FP 800 is a must need primer to fill and build a proper foundation in order to achieve a true high gloss finish. Also available in black.